Friday, October 5, 2012

I love you because frame

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope everyone has awesome plans for the weekend!

I thought I would start my diy Fridays with just a small project. Very easy but one that I liked doing none the less.

I foubd this idea on Pinterest. I have seen several variations of it but I chose this one.

You will need:
A frame
Scrapbook paper or fabric
Sticker letters
Any other decorative things you like

Simply cut the paper or fabric to fit the frame and add the letters! Simple as that. I made one for me and my husband and added the flowers to the outside of the frame. I also made one for my son's room. I kept his simple just wanted it to match his colors!

I got my frames at Michaels for $4.00 and the scrapbook paper was $.50 each. The letters were about $1.99. Pretty cheap little project.

I try to write on them as much as possible. P can't read yet but I read it to him. :)

I am thinking of making another one to put by the door that says 'Don't forget' because I always seem to leave something in the house when I go to leave!!

Hope you get inspired to write some love notes of your own!!

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