Wednesday, October 10, 2012

XOXO Gossip Girl

OK I am not afraid to admit that I love Gossip Girl. I am totally behind of course but I still love it. I started watching it for the fashion but got pulled in by the drama of it all. So don't be surprised if you see some Looks For Less based on the show. :)

This week we are doing a Blair (played by Leighton Meester) look. I love her classy style. Some of the stuff she wears I couldn't pull off but it is beautiful none the less!

Here Blair is wearing a Milly dress that you can find here. It retails for $454. The blazer is Alice + Olivia. I couldn't find the exact one but the ones I found range from $300 to $500. ( The picture and designer info was found on Celebrity Style Guide.

This dress is pretty close to the original. The metallic color is not as noticable but it is still very pretty. This dress also has a fuller skirt. There is not black accent on the waist either. If you wanted you could add a black belt. In my opinion if you wanted that black on the waist I would say buy some ribbon. A belt might be too heavy on this pretty dress. The look alike dress is only $92. 

I couldn't find a blazer is that amazing silver/grey combo that she has on. I am seriously in love with that jacket! I found a few that I do think would work well with the dress and match that metallic on metallic feel.

The first one is from Forever 21. Love that store. It is $34.50. I would for sure wear it open and not with the hook closed. 

This one is also from Forever 21. It might be a little out there for some people but I happen to love it. In fact I might buy it. This one is $32.50. 

This last one is more expensive than the other two together but I thought it was worth mentioning. Tweed is huge this fall and this blazer would look great with this dress. It is from Mango and is $120. 

You really couldn't go wrong with just pairing this dress with a plain black blazer either! Maybe pin on a really sparkly broach to the lapel and you are good to go. I would go with black heels to finish out the look. 

So depending on the blazer you went with my look would range from $124.5 to $212. That is less than the Milly dress or the Alice + Oliva dress would be by themselves! 

I hope you like this week's Look For Less!! 

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