Wednesday, October 9, 2013

White Chicken Chili (Crock-pot)

I have made this twice now with two different recipes. I couldn't find the first one I used so I decided on this one even though I knew it was pretty different from the first one that I made. I found this on Pinterest which took me here

What You'll Need:

2 chicken breast (I used 3 to make it a bit thicker)
1 can Rotel
1 can corn, do not drain
1 can black beans drained and rinsed
1 package ranch dressing mix
1 tablespoon cumin
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon onion powder
8oz cream cheese

What You Need To Do:

~Place chicken in the bottom of the crock-pot
~Top with Rotel, corn, beans, dressing mix and spices. Mix together. 
~Top with cream cheese.
~Cook on high for 4-5 hours or low for 6-8 hours.
~If you are home, stir to incorporate the cream cheese after about 2 hours or so. 
~Shred chicken into large pieces.
~Add chicken back in and stir. Allow to heat back through. 

~Serve over rice or in tortillas or just eat it in a bowl!!

The Verdict:

We ate ours over brown rice with a nice side of cornbread. It wasn't very soupy. More creamy. That would be the cream cheese (duh). Overall, I really liked the flavor. It could do with a little more heat from our stand point. Maybe a can of green chilies or more chili powder. But I can not wait to eat the left overs tomorrow for lunch!!

Do you have an awesome chili recipe? Share it if you do!! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beauty Review

I have seen this product all over Pinterest so I decided to give it a try! Its E.L.F. Studio Mineral Face Primer in clear. Its an amazing price ($6) and can be found at Target! You can also order it hereI have large pores on my upper cheeks under my eyes, and I always wondered if a primer would help them look less visible. Also, with how hot it is here, I have a problem with my makeup melting off half way through the day.

Here is what the website says it will do:

"Transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas with the Mineral Infused Face Primer. Developed to combat against excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines. This clear multipurpose skin primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting satin finish."

My Verdict:

I tried it under my powder foundation and my liquid foundation. I will say that for both it helped with the melting. My makeup stayed on all day both days. I did not think it did anything for the look for my pores in the powder foundation. I saw a slight bit of difference with the liquid. All in all I don't think it was a waste but for me I did not see any difference in my pores. I will continue to use it on the days I know I will be outside more to help my makeup from melting off in the heat!!

Have you tried this primer? Or do you have a primer that works great for you? I wanna hear it!! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oven Baked Tacos

I have seen this recipe all over Pinterest. So, I thought I would give it a try and see if it was as good as people claimed. There are several adaptations of this recipe out there so I just picked one and went with it. I chose this one. But I cut it in half because I knew we would never eat as much as they were making.


1 lb ground beef (You could do turkey or chicken as well)
1 small onion, diced (I left this out because we don't do onions in our house)
1 4oz can diced green chilies
1 envelope taco seasoning (You can always sub homemade as well. I usually do homemade but I was in a hurry tonight so I just went with the envelope)
1 8oz can of tomato sauce 
1 16oz can of refried beans
Shredded sharp cheddar cheese (I didn't measure, I just put it on to my liking, which is a lot)
10 hard taco shells (I actually only made 7 but they came in a package of 10)


~Preheat oven to 400 degrees

~In a large skillet, brown ground beef and onion. Drain off excess fat. 

~Add chiles, taco seasoning, tomato sauce and beans. Mix well and cook for a few if the mixture seems a little runny. (I simmered it for about 3-5 min)

~Spoon meat mixture into taco shells and place in an 8x8 pan. (I did about 2 heaping spoonfuls for each taco) Sprinkle cheese on the tacos. 

~Place tacos in oven for 10-12 minutes until the cheese in melted. Remove from oven and top with any desired toppings. (I am not a huge topping person so I left mine plain)

The Verdict:

I loved them. I thought they were way better than what you would get from the beloved Taco Bell. Much healthier and much tastier. The hubby thought they were filling. I am going to take that as a good thing.

There were some reviews I read that the tortillas got soggy, but I didn't have that problem. They were a bit softer on the bottom but they were not soggy.

I hope you try the tacos and like them as much as we did! They were super easy. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let's try this again...

Its September. Time for back to school and the end of the blissful summer. I thought I would give this whole blog thing another shot. But this time, I am just going to do whatever I feel like at the time. No more posting about certain things on certain days. I think that is what tripped me up before. With the big D word rapidly approaching I will need things to keep me busy and sane. Se, we'll try this one more time. If I can't keep it up this time I will stop all together. I promise. 

Tomorrow I will post a yummy recipe. Tonight, my bed is calling my name.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Shreds

Hello all! This week I am sharing a recipie that is super versitle! You can use this chicken in so many ways! I got this recipe from Pinterest which took me to Skinny Taste. The recipe is for lettuce wraps and we do that too but this chicken can be used for tortilla wraps, sandwiches and more!!

You will need:

1lb chicken breasts
1 celery stalk
1/2 onion, diced (Hubs doesn't like onion so I leave it out)
1 clove garlic
16oz fat free low sodium chicken broth (Or regular. Whatever you prefer)
1/2 cup hot cayenne pepper sauce (I used Frank's Buffalo Wings sauce)


In a crock pot combine chicken, onion, garlic, celery and chicken broth. The broth should cover the chicken. If it doesn't you can use water to make up the space. Cook on High for 4 hours.

Remove chicken from pot. Reserve 1/2 cup broth and discard the rest. Shred the chicken with two forks and return to pot. 

Add add broth and sauce. Stir. Cover and cook on High for another 30 min.
And thats it! I made my chicken into a tortilla wrap this time. I put some ranch and cheese in there with the chicken! We had mac and cheese and tater tots with our meal tonight! 

Like I said before, this chicken is super versatile! The awesome part is that the left-overs are great too! Unlimited number of toppings as well! 
Hope you like this super easy recipe!! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Look for Less~Selena Gomez

Her songs are catchy. I'll give her that. But she has horrible taste I call him that? I'm lookin at you Beibs!

Anyway, I am a fan of her style. Today's look is a street look. I don't agree with all of the styling but I am a sucker for oversized sweaters.

This sweater is by Free People. It is actually sold out at the moment but other sweaters like it are about $130. Her boots are Fergie and run about $120.

I found quite a few sweater/sweater dresses that would help recreate this look.

You can get this one here for $37.80. 

You can get this one here for $36. I like that this one is in the same wintery theme as Selena's.

You can get this one here for 22.50. This one is personally my fav. They have so many different colors and that is an amazing price!!

I HATE the fact that she is wearing sheer tights so I would suggest leggings or even those awesome lined tights if you are out in the cold. If you aren't a leggings person you could totally rock some skinnies under these with no problem! These Madden Girl boots would look great with any of these! And at $47.99 they are well worth it!!

I hope you are all having a great week!! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Snacks!!

Hello all! Sorry for the late post!! Past few days have been busy!! I thought I would share two of the yummy snacks that I made for the Super Bowl!!

The first is Buffalo Chicken Dip. My friend Alison made this for my baby shower and then again for baby boys 1st birthday. Let me tell you it is soooo yummy! You can get the recipe of the back of the bottle of Frank's Red Hot sauce!

You will need:
 8oz cream cheese softened
1/2 cup blue cheese or ranch dressing (I used ranch)
1/2 cup Frank's Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce or Franks Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce (I used the buffalo wing sauce because I already had that on hand)
1/2 cup cheese (The Frank's recipe calls for blue cheese or mozzarella but I used cheddar because that's what Alison used)
2 large cans of Swanson Chicken, drained

You can make this in the oven or in the crock pot. I had other things that would go in the oven so I decided on the crock pot method. I mixed all the ingredients together and also tried to break up the chicken chunks as best I could with a fork. Then cook on high for 1 1/2 hours or low for 2 1/2-3 hours. I cooked on high. Stir throughout the cooking process to make sure everything is getting all mixed in there!
This is what it looked like in my bowl! I forgot to take a picture of it done in the crock pot but I am sure you get the idea!!

Now this dip is amazing! I feel like I should make it for every function! I know my friend, Alison uses the regular Frank's when she makes her's and I do remember her's being a little hotter than my version.  So, if you would like to kick it up I would suggest that! I was happy with the heat level my buffalo sauce gave me but I still think I will try it with the original Frank's very soon!! Also, Alison uses chicken breasts that she boils and then chops up. I had every intention to do that but time got away from me! I will try that next time!!

Next up we have a recipe I found on Pinterest. They are called Rotel Cups! The blog that it was on you can find here.

You will need
3 packages mini fillo shells, can be found in the frozen foods by the pie crusts
1 can Rotel, drained almost all the way
1 bag real bacon bits
1 1/2 cups shredded colby jack cheese
1 cup mayo

Mix your Rotel, may and bacon together until blended. Add cheese and mix.
Fill your fillo shells. Try not to over fill them. I did have some leftover mixture. I lined my baking sheet with waxed paper so there were no yucky messes to clean up on then pan. Pop in the oven at 350 for 15-20 min. The cups will look golden and bubbly when ready to come out! Mine only took 15 min!

Here are the finished cups! I added a little more cheese on the top just to get a little more cheese in there.

I liked these. I didn't get to one until they had cooled down so I might not be the best judge. But everyone else who got em while they were hot said they were super yummy! 

There you have it! I hope you all had an awesome Super Bowl. Did you have any fav commercials? What was the best snack at your party?